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This is indeed Maha Rashtra - A nation within a state. A state as diverse as Maharashtra that the whole of India resides in it.

A Land blessed with Sea, Sahyadri and Bountiful of Nature

You find peaks of Sahyadri, pristine beaches and vast pastures of greenery here.

Beaches as virgin as you get !!!

With entire western bordert blessed with coastline, some of the beaches here are pristine and virgin.

A land of Saints and Culture

A land blessed with Saints and Culture. Where different opinion, views and beliefs are respected and shared.

Heritage restored and valued !!

The mind boggling carvings at Ajanta Ellora makes you question your belief. This is Maharashtra for you.

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We have categorized the destinations across the state in various categories like Unexplored Places,  Tourist Places, Historical Places, Nature, Museums, Safaris, Monuments, Gardens, Lakes etc. We are updating the information in various categories and very soon you will fine a site full of information you have always been seeking.

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